The following acronyms are used in the BATRIES Toolkit:

AC               alternating current

ADMS          advanced distribution management system

AMI             advanced metering infrastructure

ANSI            American National Standards Institute

BATRIES      Building a Technically Reliable Interconnection Evolution for Storage

CRD            Certification Requirement Decision

CT               current transformer

DC              direct current

DER            distributed energy resource

DERMS        distributed energy resource management system

EPRI            Electric Power Research Institute

EPS             electric power system

ESS             energy storage system(s)

FERC           Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

HCA             hosting capacity analysis

IEEE            Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IREC            Interstate Renewable Energy Council

ISO             Independent System Operator

ITIC            Information Technology Industry Council

kV               kilovolt

kVA             kilovolt-ampere

kvar            kilovolt-ampere (reactive)

kW              kilowatt

kWh            kilowatt-hour

LG               line-to-ground

LL               line-to-line

LTC             load tap changer

LVR             line voltage regulator

MVA            megavolt-ampere

Mvar           megavolt-ampere (reactive)

MW             megawatt

NEM            net energy metering

NRTL           Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory

NYSERDA     New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

OLRT           open loop response time

OpenDSS      Open Distribution System Simulator

PCC             Point of Common Coupling

PCS             Power Control System(s)

PF               power factor

PoC             Point of DER Connection

POI             Point of Interconnection

PUC             Public Utility Commission

PV               photovoltaic

RMS            Root Mean Square

RPA             Reference Point of Applicability

RTAC           Real Time Automation Controller

RTO            Regional Transmission Organization

RTU            Remote Terminal Unit

RVC             Rapid Voltage Change

SA               Supplement SA, as part of UL 1741

SCADA         Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SGIP            Small Generator Interconnection Procedures

SolarTAC      Solar Technology Acceleration Center

STORIC        Storage Interconnection Committee

UL               Underwriters Laboratories

V2G             vehicle-to-grid

V2H             vehicle-to-home


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